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ESP News The Artists New Releases Discography Live Shows The Lounge

Missive of Mij #1

February 25th, 2009

[editor's note: This missive was received at the ESP offices from Mij with permission to publish it here.  I have pretty much left it unedited.  Mij gives some thoughts on his music and process, as well as reflections on spirituality and space.  pg willard]

To tell the truth I had no song written to do the high voice. So I just took some ideas from already made songs like ‘run sinner man’ and threw it all together right there in the studio. the High voice is not stable and the throat must be clear or I can’t do it. so you can hear it break sometimes or I attempt to do it and only get a mid range falsetto. it is actually 2 falsetto ranges. the first is weak and when the second one kicks in it is strong and carries 6 blocks without a PA system. Bernard Stollman was on 11th street when he heard me singing in Washington square on 4th street.

I gave my brother one of the albums and asked him if I can borrow it back. He sent it to me and I opened it up and the record was broken. I had no other copies. then I just thought I would google it to be shocked to see I’m all over the internet.

the reverb echo thing was a freak accident in a recording studio in North Hollywood. the effect was kind of a push pull of the system back and forth thing. we actually slowed it down to see what happened. and as you turn the tape you can actually see the right speaker coming out while the left speaker was going in … totally 180 degrees out of phase. I was trying to create that in the studio with the Engineer and I thought it had something to do with the exact rhythm of the guitar that did it. that is why I tried to create that rhythm at the end of each song which made the songs longer. I did all the songs and suddenly on the last beat of the last song it happened. there was only one beat and it took off like a space shot and I just added to it. if it didn’t happen on that last beat that would have been the end of that last song but it lasted a few more minutes after. I thought they were going to give me more studio time but they said “the whole thing is great … just leave it this way”. I had all these effects they’ve never experienced happen and now I’m looking at all the mistakes I made …. awwwwwhhhhhh … but no one else seems to see the mistakes and I had no chance to create a better song with the high voice.

the songs … well everyone was trying to do Dylan or Donovan, Biaz or something else. I just played around with words and made a few songs I already had that I never refined either … hahaha … so it came out how it did. I suppose people think I had some emotional experience from the accident … that created all these ideas and feelings … actually the best songs like Planet of a Flower came out of me in 20 minutes. I keep looking at the poetic genius of Planet of a Flower and how all the parts fit perfect …. I still can’t believe that song came out of me. and we couldn’t get our songs out in those days, unless it was sex related or a protest song … just take your album to a record company and he check 5 seconds on each track and say it isn’t what he wants … without ever hearing the high voice.

it is strange too … I was only trying to see how high I could get my voice when it suddenly cracked into another falsetto range I never knew about … that is my life … a free spirit … and it is exactly like that tarot card “the Fool” … actually no one gets it too …. that is the same tarot card the Beatles sing about in A Fool on the Hill .. “a man with a thousand voices sitting perfectly still” … you see the FOOL KNOWS …. that is the difference. … though the rest of the world sees him as a fool … his wisdom is beyond all comprehension …

everyone added ideas to the album like the tarot card going through my head … and Color Mij by the numbers … haha … and all the numbers are ZERO … I’ve been to 20 countries and seen the world … with a guitar in my hand a lot of times … a lot of it happened like pure miracle .. where the money would suddenly show up or the ticket to take me there ….

but to tell the truth … I will give you the real mystery ….. the one maybe they talk about … that can’t be explained ….

I went out of my body in a football game … 200 feet over the field seeing the trees and buildings below me … before I suddenly re-entered the body like a shock wave ….. but that instant of time looking down I suddenly KNEW … .. and this is the strange thing about it …. this was TOTAL KNOWINGNESS … I just KNEW that I KNEW EVERYTHING ….. but I didn’t KNOW WHAT I KNEW … I JUST KNEW I KNEW …..

so the rest of my life came in shock waves like this ….

I had spinal meningitis from the skull fracture of the motor cycle wreck …. I was rushed to LA county hospital from Lancaster California which was 70 miles north of Los Angeles with the highest spinal count of this disease that ever entered LA County Hospital. It can enter the spinal column if the seal around it gets broken. there were three others in the same room not near as high in spinal count than me died that night. The doctors didn’t know what kept me alive … My spinal count was dropping in halves every day for a month and I was out of the hospital … the doctors couldn’t explain why the spinal counts were going down so fast on just those penicillin shots in the spin they gave me.

so where does the astral stuff come from?????

there is a lot more that I can’t talk about … literally without everyone thinking you’re totally nuts …

one was this… I was half asleep in my bed when suddenly I was out of my body again but this time inside an operations room of a UFO …. and I KNOW the difference between OUT OF BODY and some real life like dream … what is OUT OF BODY ????? …. it would be like BEING OUT OF YOUR BODY … and what would happen???? NOTHING UNUSUAL REALLY …. except this one thing …. you can’t feel weight like weight of the body .. you can’t feel temperature … humidity … sweat … none of it … all sensations you would feel in a body are gone … just like being in a complete void with full perception ….

what kind of perception …. well that was what I was about to find out … some how everything in the ship was familiar to me … suddenly the Gray got my attention and I could hear him like a kind of telepathy … I could actually hear sounds … but it was like he was putting the sounds in me .. I know because OUT OF BODY … there was no sounds .. no EARS to hear them … I turned and look at the gray with big oval black eyes and the telepathy was … “I’m going to Heal you” … he meant spiritually …. MY BODY WAS NOT THERE …. I turned and knew what he was going to do … they will run some kind of data in me to change my future …. next I wake up in my room … I saw the gray before I ever saw any movie that had this gray in it or before there were any photos of them anywhere … so when I really did see a picture of one … WOW what a shock …. coming back into a body kind of DULLS your KNOWINGNESS …

And my future was changed .. I ended up in 20 countries practically by miracle … and the money some how just showed up in some way or a ticket …. for the next 40 years …..

so what you want to know ????? Grays …. IT IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK ….. Grays are like those half robots dressed in white uniforms in Star Wars …. they are servants … they are a cloned entity .. really so you’re not going to get much information out about them …. a kind of humanoid …. which is much different than a spiritual line … people have NO IDEA what I’m talking about either … but we are looking at 2 kinds of spiritual entities here … but spirits and ghost are total two different kinds of entities … a ghost is a manufactured thought form given a personality like a dog or cat and some kind of survival instinct … it learns things by repetition it can not create thought or new thought .. it can only operate on what it learns from repetition … the other is a REAL spirit .. this kind of spirit can create new thought and practically anything else too … these ghost actually were originally created by spirits to animate matter …. that is their main function … make the heart beat and all that stuff …. so you wonder about the difference between them … you can see it everywhere you go …. you see one dog … and you have to keep repeating everything to even get him the idea of what you want him to do …. you get another dog and he can almost pick up your thoughts as you give them and just does it like go after a ball or something …. well this is also the same in life …. maybe it would shock you to know that some people do not have spirits … they have a ghost that runs the body and a personality … but they are somewhat robotic … go to the same grocery stores .. do the same routines every day … that sort of thing … not so easy to teach … but you can teach him with repetition and people with real spirits in them are artists usually making new things everyday … or creating fantastic new inventions ….

all people have a ghost to run the body itself … like heart .. .but not all of them have a spirit too …

What am I trying to say here ….. ???? Spirits can run ghost like maybe one spirit can run a whole ant hill. One is the master and the rest are slaves …. But a ghost has no power to run anything more than a body. So a lot of the grays up there are managed by spirits possibly in a different type of body … but don’t believe because you have ever managed to run into a situation where you’ve been physically abducted that these entities have any kind of intelligence … they know what has been programmed into them … and are run by a higher intelligence that is a Real spirit with real intelligence which looks more like a golden ball.  And these spirit beings can run dolls … and that is probably a good description of a gray….  So there are good and bad everywhere here and up there. Some of the grays are run by friendly aliens groups but others are run by more evil groups … so I wouldn’t trust a gray for anything more than I would to a Barbie doll …. They do what they are told and that’s that ….

A few years later I ran into the UFO people in San Diego and I went there a little bit afraid I would be condemned for anything I could say. Finally I started to talk about my astral abduction …. And suddenly all of them were firing questions at me … but I kept looking at this one girl …. She said, “you were home weren’t you? …..”

I said , “WHAT???…” she said, “you were home weren’t you??? …” and I said, “yes …. I was home …”

You see I was not freaked out when I was up there in the ship. I was comfortable. And I was not afraid at all … and everything looked familiar …. When she said, “you were home weren’t you??….” I understood it all …. Yes I was home

The ship and the entities in the ship were where I came from ….. it is just an unbelievable knowingness. It can’t be explained easily. There are 108 or more different aliens on the planet incarnated in bodies like this with totally no awareness of who they are or where they come from. This planet just happens to be in a location where some unfriendly aliens want to use it to invade the nearby galaxy …. There are entities here that operate at very high frequencies. They could just be wanderers traveling from town to town with NO AWARENESS of the power they have or their ability to raise the frequency levels of any area they travel through. This planet belongs to Galactic Confederation, not the unfriendly aliens. But by Galactic law no one can come here without invitation. And the Governments on this planet invited the unfriendly aliens instead. So Galactic Confederation incarnated their own to raise the frequencies of the planet to prevent them from taking it over.

The Higher the being’s frequency the more power he can put out which can control lower frequency beings. There is a lot of pain on the planet. This also causes the inhabitants frequencies to be lowered. The only thing these unfriendly aliens can do is continuously threaten everyone’s life to lower their frequencies.


They’ve been losing for a long time … but they keep putting out their disinformation and lies to convince everyone the world is doomed …. But they have lost and even though they control all the news, people do not read their papers anymore … even the NEW YORK TIMES is almost bankrupt

So for Now go out and get a lot of space and feel the freedom that soon will be all of ours …. And enjoy yourselves and raise your frequencies up by getting into some kind of action like just plain FUN … and music and KNOW THIS …. We are here and they will be gone and a new world will begin



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